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GoLuggage Aspire Set


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Product Description

Go Luggage team are travel enthusiasts. We know how much stress traveling can bring. That’s why we know what it takes to make your travel as much fun as possible. Our way of doing business is the comfort and quality.

Upon years of research, gathering information from other travelers, we have discovered the biggest problems that all people are facing when they are traveling – preparations. Besides planning for your next trip, everyone is so stressed out what they should pack. And more often than not, you need a lot of stuff.

That’s why we have developed this set of suitcases. We named them “Aspire series”. We wanted to create a set of suitcases that would be more affordable but still have most important features

  • High-Quality Material: Sooner or later something breaks down when traveling. We wanted to make sure we reduce the amount of “accidents” that may occur. That’s why we made Aspire one simply with the best possible material we could find, so you can stay calm and relax while you are traveling.
  • Improved mobility: When you are traveling, mobility is the key. That’s why we have tested out several ways how to improve mobility and we designed Aspire suitcases with a simplified way how you move your luggage around. Fast and easy – you will be surprised!
  • Security: You never know what can happen along the way. Your luggage is traveling through lots of hands and you are not 100% sure that no one will steal something. Well, with Aspire suitcase you don’t have to worry about at all. We have improved security for your personal stuff, so no one could look into your stuff and steal something.
  • Our suitcase set comes in three different dimensions with four different colors – suitable for every person, for every trip – short or long.




Warranty: 5 years
Weight: 11.9
Brand: goluggage
Model: Aspire
Dimension: 29”x20”x12” | 25”x18”x11” | 20”x15”x10”

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