Limited Edition M By Mia Toro "Hamsa Love Hardside Spinner 3 Piece Set


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Product Description

??Vibrant and Elegant Mia Toro?Art

??Light weight Glossy finish that enhances the art

??Embossed ridged contemporary design with armored corners

? Light weight Armor-flex Composite

? Ergonomic Grip Handle

? Light Weight Trolley

??No lock no expansion

? Glide-Tech wheel multidirectional 360 degree wheel provides smooth and stable motion

? Zipper Divider- A fully zippered Panel creates a second compartment to keep your possessions organized.

? Compression straps and clasp are easy to use and keep your personal items secure

Size:?3 Piece Set

Exterior Dimensions:

? 20in:??22in x 14.25in x 9in

? 24in: ?26in x 17.5in x 10in

? 28in:? 29.5in x 20.5in x 12in

Interior Dimensions:

? 20in:?19.5in x 14.75in x 9in

? 24in: 23.5in x 17in x 10in

? 28in:?27.5in x 20in x 12in

Linear Inches:

? 20in: 45.25in

? 24in: 53.5in

? 28in: 62in


? 20in: 5.7 lbs

? 24in: 7.5 lbs

? 28in: 9.4 lbs

Material:?Lightweight Armor-flex Composite

Warranty:?World Wide 10 Year Protection


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