X-Bag Pastello 25" Spinner

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Product Description

The limited edition Pastello collection, brings a seasonal designer flair to the X-Bag line. Based on the concept of transformability and function. Thanks to its new shapes, patterns and refined details, it’s the must have fashion accessory for every savvy traveler. Bric’s X-Travel collection stands for convenience in everyday life, a fashionable assortment of travel bags that you can trust. Bric’s is excited to offer these great bags in a variety of hues to match the season
It’s all about convenience and those spur of the moment trips when packing with this lightweight collection. The 25″ spinner is extremely lightweight but still contains the roomy interior allowing you to pack all of your belongings for a 4-5 day trip.


Weight: 6.2 lbs
Brand: Bricstore
Dimension: 25″ (H) x 16″ (W) x 9″ (D)
Wheels: 4-wheel spinner

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